Pre-Acquisition Assistance

We regularly represent clients from the beginning of a development transaction, through contract negotiations, due diligence, permitting, and through to the completion of a successful development project. We can help clients locate viable sites for development or redevelopment and identify any relevant land use issues.

We conduct land use due diligence reviews to assist buyers, lenders and investors who are considering development projects.  Such due diligence includes conducting land use and zoning verification, reviewing the status of development and environmental permits, and meeting with local land use and zoning officials regarding issues of specific concern. As a result of such due diligence services, we help clients take a proactive approach by identifying the land use issues in advance and resolving them at the outset of a transaction (either through negotiations with the owner, staff, or the local government body, or, when there is no viable resolution, through contract termination).

Once a property has been purchased, we help move the project through the permitting process in an orderly and expeditious manner.